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Don’t neglect to check your slab for leaks

Don’t neglect to check your slab for leaks

Slab leaks are not something that are top-of-mind awareness for the average homeowner. You are probably concerned about the state of your roof, and the condition of the windows or paintwork, as these are the things that you can see. Unfortunately, it’s the things that you can’t see, such as the network of pipes and sewer systems, and the slab beneath your home that could cause problems that are costly if you don’t take precautions to ensure that they are in good working order. You will experience a slab leak in your Chandler AZ home when tiny holes appear in the copper water lines in the flooring of the foundation of your home. These tiny holes will become leaks, which invariably become more serious over time. In fact, once these pinhole leaks have formed, it won’t be too long before you will probably experience a major leak or even a break in the water line. This is when you need to call in a plumbing professional.

How to learn that you have a slab leak
As with any leaking pipe, you will probably notice that your water bill increases. This might be a small increase but, if it keeps climbing, you are sure to have a leak somewhere in your system. If you notice that the ground or any flower beds around your home are wet, this is a sure sign of a slab leak. Also, if you have baseboards and these are either wet or are becoming cracked, it’s clear that water is leaking. In your actual basement, you might find that the tiles crack or the carpets are damp. Some people even feel that their homes appear damp and humid, which is another sign of water leakage.

You may also find that that the water pressure is dropping. This is because the water is traveling too slowly through the pipes. If this is hot water, it can warm the minerals suspended in the water and these can separate out and start to clog the bottom of the pipe. Also, even if your home is new, it may be that you’re a victim of faulty workmanship. Sometimes a plumber hasn’t provided a plastic sleeve for the copper pipe and this means that the pipe can be rubbed against the slab and will ultimately fail in weaker places. No matter what the cause of the slab leak, this is a situation that should get immediate attention once you discover the problem. Water leaks lead to mold and structural damage, so the quicker the issue is resolved, the better.

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