Double Glazed Windows in Farnham – Common Problems to Look Out for

Have your energy bills shot up? Does your home fail to retain heat like it used to? If so, you may need to get replacement double glazed windows in Farnham, because these are two signs that the windows need updating. A more comfortable home, a smaller carbon footprint, reduced condensation, and peace and quiet are just a few benefits of double glazing. With potential annual savings of up to £175 in a detached home, there’s no wonder why so many people upgrade their windows and doors. According to the Energy Saving Trust, there are some common issues to look out for if you want to ensure energy efficiency is at its height.

Dealing with Draughts

The moment you notice a draught entering your property through cracks in the window seal, you should consult a professional to maintain the double glazed windows in Farnham. Hard wearing and long-lasting, these windows are installed with hinges, which are designed to prevent draughts. However, general wear and tear can cause the hinges to rust. Apply WD40 or a silicon spray to keep the hinges in good condition, or inspect the frame to ensure the sash hasn’t dropped. If the sash has changed position, it will need adjusting to stop draughts.

Condensation Build-Up

If vapour comes into contact with a cold surface, condensation will form. This is a common problem with double glazed windows in Farnham, because if the temperature of the inner glass layer is lower than the room temperature, beads of condensation will form on the surface. Should the issue be related to a problem with the seal of the unit, an examination should take place to diagnose a leakage. Remember that double glazing is meant to reduce condensation build-up, so any sign of condensation requires attention immediately.

Broken Hinges and Handles

It may be time to upgrade your windows if the double glazed windows in Farnham have become damaged. Broken handles and hinges are relatively inexpensive repairs, and you can buy replacement parts for cheap if you visit the right manufacturers. Although hinges and handles are small components of the window, they play a big role in keeping draughts and moisture at bay. Aside from the impact they have on home comfort, damage to these parts could also pose a security threat, and could even invalidate your home insurance.

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