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Dress Ideas for Justice Of The Peace Wedding In San Antonio

Dress Ideas for Justice Of The Peace Wedding In San Antonio

What is a Justice of the Peace?

In some parts of the United States, a Justice of the Peace also known as solicitor general and magistrate is a judge with fewer privileges. They can settle disputes, lead small court hearings, as well as perform wedding ceremonies and take the oath from the couple getting married.

Justice of the Peace is appointed by the law and not by the church, which is why they perform secular weddings as well as same sex marriages. This is one of the reasons why the demand for them has gone up because church can refuse to lead a ceremony if they feel it is morally wrong. Some states have eliminated this position but Justice of the Peace Wedding in San Antonio is very popular. All of this depends on the state’s laws and regulations and also on the nature of the duties of the local Justice.

How to Hire a Justice of the Peace?

You can look for a Justice of the Peace online or with the help of the yellow pages directory. There are a few websites that cover the areas where same sex marriages are allowed and that includes the state of Texas. The Justice of Peace performs the ceremony as dictated by the state they are in. They  officiate weddings irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, class, color, creed, and religion. A JOP is preferred by people who want a secular wedding without any hold of the church

Dress Ideas

Since there will be fewer people present at the wedding, the bride has so many options to consider. A lot of brides prefer wearing a simple wedding dress.

Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail dresses are popular when it comes to small weddings as it looks flattering on anyone and can be worn with several different embellishments.

Bubble Style Gown

These may not be very traditional but they are fun, feminine and look extremely fashionable. These too are available with several embellishments be it bows or pleats.

Column Style Gown

This for sure is a more traditional dress. The dress is narrow in shape and is flowy from the neckline till the hem. Column style dresses look good in informal settings and outdoors such as the beach. These dresses have many styles of necklines to choose from. A column gown with full sleeve looks classy and romantic whereas, a sleeveless one looks elegant and chic.

A Line Style Gown

This is available in different lengths and hairlines. A knee length dress looks more girlish and fun, whereas ankle length one looks very formal and regal.

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