Easy Filter Changes for Enhanced Air Conditioning in Franklin TN

by | Jun 8, 2015 | Heating & Air Conditioning

Your Air Conditioning in Franklin TN is a group of processes that enables you to have enhanced indoor air quality. An air conditioner filters out unwanted particulates such as dust, allergens and mold. It also regulates the temperature and moisture content of your indoor air. To do these jobs, an air conditioner should have its filter changed on a regular basis. Learn how to do this easily by using the following steps.

Before you can change your filter, first you must locate the filter compartment. The filter is most likely located in the return air duct. Put your hand against the metal strip cover of an air duct. Is it pulling in the air? If so, you have found the return air duct. Use a flashlight with a high-intense beam to view the interior of this duct. There should be a visible filter if the filter is in this area. When you don’t see one, look around or within the furnace unit. You may have to refer to your user’s manual or call the manufacturer of your AC system.

Upon finding the filter compartment, remove the cover. You may have to remove fasteners and insulation tape. Be careful with these since you will have to replace them after the filter change. Remove the filter. When you have a reusable filter, take it outside to clean it. Use a water hose to carefully remove all debris. For a disposable filter, use the measurements on the old filter to purchase a new one. If the measurements are not readable, measure the width, height, and depth of the old filter. Buy one according to the level of filtration you desire. Look at the filter’s efficiency reporting value. This value, or MERV, indicates the level of filtration the filter provides. A higher number designates a higher level of filtration.

Once you have your new filter, carefully slide it into position. Be careful not to bend or damage either type of filter. Replace any insulation tape or fasteners after putting the cover back in place. For information on services for Air Conditioning in Franklin TN, please Click here to view . Spring Hill Heating and Cooling offers many services for residential and commercial customers.

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