Easy Squirrel Removal Techniques

While squirrels might appear beautiful in nature, they are pests that could cause significant damage to your property. They are usually attracted by the garden, nut trees, food left by pets and bird feeders. Attics and chimneys are rarely frequented by predators, making them safe places for squirrels to occupy. They make their way into buildings through any existing gaps, like unscreened vents and holes created by themselves or other animals. They can also get into the building using the connecting wires or trees. Getting rid of them may not be easy, and you might be forced to hire an expert in Squirrel Removal.

Squirrels can cause a variety of damages to your property. Chewing of wires creates a fire hazard which, if left unchecked, could cause significant destruction and fatalities. Their urine in the attic soaks and damages the ceiling, creating unpleasant odors. They make holes in roofs, siding, fascia, gables and other materials. A squirrel bite can cause rabies, and they also pose threats such as ticks, flees and tetanus. They make a lot of annoying noise by thumping, scratching and scurrying. Their competition for food at bird feeders may ward off the birds that you probably struggled to attract.

Removal of squirrels is a physical exercise that entails removal of both the squirrels and their babies, preventing their entry in future, repairing damaged buildings, and cleaning up their waste. It is a difficult task to do as an individual, but relatively easy for professionals at Triple AAA American Exterminators. Use of poison is not recommended, as it would kill them inside the attic, causing more issues. Professionals have the experienced and equipment designed for Squirrel Removal. They will use traps to capture them, trim the tree branches, and cover the chimneys and vents with mesh screen to bar squirrels from entering the building.

Lastly, it is important that you understand the regulations concerning wildlife control. They vary from state to state for specific species. In some states, squirrels are regarded as game animals, and one may not need a license to control them. In other states, however, they are listed as unprotected animals, but one still needs a hunting license to control them.
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