Elder Law: Tips for Finding the Right Caregiver for Your Elderly Parent

Any well-respected elder neglect attorney will tell you that choosing the right caregiver for your loved one is the first step in preventing the elder neglect that is so prevalent in the world today. Just like hiring a babysitter for a small child, you need to do your research, check references, and interview perspective caregivers with caution.

To keep from having to call in an elder neglect attorney in the future, read the tips below for finding the perfect caregiver for your elderly parent.

Assess the Need of Your Parent
Make sure to assess the needs of your elderly parent before you even start interviewing for a caregiver. Different patients have different needs and determining what your parent needs in the way of care if the best place to start.

Write Out a Job Description
Write out a description of the job you need doing, without leaving anything out. Make sure to include the credentials and years of experience you expect to have the caregiver you are going to consider upfront. This will save you from having to interview caregivers that are not qualified for what you want.

Also, write up a contract that explains everything from the wages you will pay to the duties expected. Show this to potential candidates to see if they agree before you continue the interview. This saves you and the caregiver time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Check References
Ask for at least two to three references from the caregiver that you are considering. Call these references before making any firm decision. You will want to know how well the caregiver got on with her elderly patients and if the family would use her again, among other things.

Get a Criminal Background Check
This cannot be stressed enough when it comes to hiring someone to look after your elderly loved one. While they may not have felony convictions, there are some crimes that you might consider a risk to your family. Offenses like drinking and driving, driving without a license and certain drugs are certainly things to look out for.

These are just a few tips to help you find the right caregiver for the older person that you love. From getting a criminal background check to asking for references, this is the best way to reduce the chance of your parent being the victim of elder abuse or neglect.

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