Enhance Your Workout with Group Pilates

by | Jul 31, 2017 | Pilates Studio

As the health craze rages on, many people have embraced pilates as a legitimate form of exercise and muscle strengthening. In and of itself it provides great gains for all types of people. However, there are additional benefits that you can enjoy when you join a group pilates class.

There are a few key benefits of a group exercise course that you do not receive when you work out on your own. The main benefit is the comradery of your classmates. There is a common saying, “There is strength in numbers,” and that applies even during a workout. When you are pushing through the same workout as someone else, you can draw strength from and even help one another. Depending upon the size of the group, your instructor may also be able to provide individualized instruction. The group setting also promotes accountability, which can help you stay on task with your goals.

Group pilates provides structure and balance in a unique way. The class is lead by a knowledgeable and experienced instructor, so you can trust that the moves that you are doing are safe and effective. When you do pilates alone, it can still be efficient, but you are limited to what you understand. An instructor can provide variety so that your muscles do not get too accustomed to the same exercise, as well as ensure that you are doing each move correctly as to avoid injury.

These are just some of the benefits of a group pilates class. In short, it creates a positive environment and community where you can learn and exercise properly while having a blast with your own special work out a community. If you are interested in group pilates classes in Chicago, IL, check out your local offerings and visit a studio. That way you can experience firsthand how the group setting works for you and find the perfect fit.

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