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Enjoy Plenty of Hot Water With Excellent Water Heater Repairs in Bainbridge Island

Enjoy Plenty of Hot Water With Excellent Water Heater Repairs in Bainbridge Island

There are several ways to provide hot water to a home such as boilers or flash heating systems, but the most common is the tank based water heater. These units have been the method of choice for most homes because they provide a simple storage system and a reasonable efficiency in heating the water. There are two types of tank based heaters. The first uses natural gas for heating the water and the other uses electrical resistance. Unfortunately, when these appliances fail and require Water Heater Repairs Bainbridge Island, they tend to do so quite spectacularly. This is generally due to a leak that the homeowner didn’t notice which has caused the tank to corrode to the point of uselessness. When the tank corrodes, it tends to leave water everywhere.

Electric water heaters are a common choice in many homes because they don’t require a volatile fuel and they don’t need an exhaust system to vent burnt gases. However, these systems aren’t worry free either. An electric system can fail when the element shorts out or it can cause problems if the thermostat doesn’t cut the system off properly. The latter problem results in excess heat in the tank. This heat will eventually trip a safety switch that shuts off the power. To eliminate the failure, swap out the old heating elements or thermostats as required.

Whenever a tank has been in use for a few years there is a chance it will accumulate rust, scale and lime deposits. These minerals can ruin the water heater by clogging the area around the lower heating element. When the tank is being repaired, these deposits need to be removed. Flushing the tank is one way to handle this situation, but it may not remove all the minerals. Mineral deposits can force a homeowner to search for water heater repairs in Bainbridge Island because the minerals are causing a shorting element to continuously trip the breaker. Replacement is actually easy if the technician has the right tools. Electric elements are removed with a socket that tightly grips the edges of the part. Without this tool, the plumber may need to tap the outer edges of the element to force it to move. This can actually make the repair more difficult if the element breaks. To learn more, visit the website at

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