Enroll Your Child in a Spanish Immersion Program in Houston

Thirty-seven percent of Houston residents above the age of five speak Spanish at home, making Spanish a useful skill. You can do your best to teach both English and Spanish at home, but you’ll get the best results when you choose an education system that shares your language goals. Of course, the younger you start, the better. Enroll your child in a Spanish immersion preschool in Houston.

Spanish Immersion Preschool in Houston


Spanish language lessons will naturally be a priority in a Spanish immersion program. Students will learn how to read and write in Spanish using Spanish-language books and resources. Children will develop their skills by phonetic awareness, reading to themselves, reading to others, and storytelling.


Many experts believe that the best way for students to learn math is through practical applications. Building blocks can teach children how to count and teach them the basics of geometry and physics. Children can also use play money to learn how to count out payments. Children can use the fake money to play as bankers, business owners, or post office workers.

Social Skills

In a Spanish immersion program, children will be encouraged to use their language skills to make friends with the other children and demonstrate their artistic talents in the form of writing stories, dancing, acting, and singing.

Give your child the benefits of a second language by enrolling them in a Spanish immersion program. Learn more about Spanish School 4kids INC.

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