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Entertainment to Inspire Runners at a 5K Marathon

Entertainment to Inspire Runners at a 5K Marathon

People who attend a marathon enjoy the atmosphere because of the runners and their excitement in being involved in a race and the extraordinary entertainment that keeps the runners energized from start to finish. Everybody that shows up for a marathon expect it to be a fun filled and thrilling day, that is why a host for a 5K marathon wants to make sure to have some of the best entertainment there. When you host a marathon you want it to be a success. One way you can accomplish this is by hiring entertainment that can motivate the runners as well as the guests that will be there to support the people who are participating in the marathon. You can find 5K entertainment in Rockland, NY from a reputable and reliable company that provides a range of entertainment services for their customers. A company that has years of experience in assisting corporates, schools and marathons on a variety of levels when it comes to entertainment is one you can rely on.

Company Offers State of the Art Entertainment Equipment

When you choose a reputable company for their entertainment services you will be in great hands. They take pride in their quality equipment and friendly and courteous service. Their experienced DJ’s makes it their goal to energize, inspire and motivate the runners on race day. When the marathon begins their DJ’s will keep everyone enthused with the upbeat and light hits from music all through the decade. As soon as the horn sounds off a DJ will begin to play either a nostalgic classic hits or the latest and hottest tracks. Soon after it is ongoing hits that can consist of classic throwbacks, EDM, Rock, Remixes, Dance and Top 40 Radio.

A List of Some of the Packages Includes the Following:

   * Start Line: 4 PA Systems 8 Speakers and 2 Microphones with a Live DJ
   * Finish Line: 2 PA Systems 4 Speakers and 2 Microphones with a Live DJ
   * Festival: 2 PA Systems 4 Speakers and 2 Microphones with a Live DJ
   * On Course DJ’s: 2 PA Systems 4 Speakers and 1 Microphone with a Live
   * PA Systems: Available with CD Players and iPods with no DJ

A Fun Filled Day for Everyone at a Marathon with a Professional DJ

Not only will the runners be pumped at a race but so will the audience who are present. A professional DJ makes sure that everyone is enjoying the music that is played and will keep people entertained from start to finish of a race. After a marathon is over there is usually a festival afterwards for all the participants and audience to attend. There will be an area that is set up for a DJ so they can continue to play the latest music and keep everyone entertained until the event is over.

New York Event Sound provides 5 K entertainments in Rockland, NY for all marathons and other types of races. Contact them today via their website for more information.

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