Even White Collar Criminals Deserve An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney In Rockwall, TX

by | Oct 6, 2014 | Law Services

White collar criminals, as a class, include some of the most loathed people in the world. These are the people behind the scams and frauds, large and small, that have affected most of us as some time in our lives. They range from Bernie Madoff, who stole billions of dollars, to employees who get caught stealing from their employer. White collar criminals commit mortgage and credit card fraud, identity theft, overcharge on poorly done home and auto repairs and scam elderly people in numerous ways. They steal from us with Internet scams. It seems that they are continually finding new ways to make our lives miserable.

When arrested, these mythical predators become frightened, trembling people who may have never been in trouble before. They probably never actually saw any of the people they hurt financially and emotionally. These people are not prepared for the notoriety and disdain they will now encounter. They are certainly not prepared for the reality of a stark prison cell, surrounded by people they would have never met in their old life.

The beauty of our justice system is that everyone is entitled to a vigorous defense. No one is guilty until the judge or jury renders that verdict. When the public at large detests the client, a Criminal Defense Attorney has his or her work cut out for them. Seating a jury may be considerably more difficult when the prospective jurors dislike the defendant on general principles. These cases may involve enormous quantities of documents and require a high level of legal expertise.

Those suspected of white collar crimes are often made aware that they are under investigation. They may be contacted by someone from a federal or state agency, receive a grand jury subpoena or a search warrant. In some cases, the person will receive a target letter informing them that they are the ‘target’ of a federal investigation. In all cases, anyone in this position should contact the most experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Rockwall TX that can be found. An indictment is almost certain.

Law Office of Tim Hartley is a Criminal Defense Attorney in Rockwall TX who cares about the people he defends. He has a proven track record for fighting to achieve the best outcome possible for each client. Anyone in Rockwall or Kaufman County, Texas, who needs a knowledgeable, experienced defense attorney should call immediately to discuss their situation.

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