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Excellence – The Honeywell Humidity Sensor

Honeywell sensors are designed by Honeywell Sensing and Design. The Honeywell humidity sensor is designed to enhance all facets of monitoring with sensitivity, stability and reliability. Honeywell produces a full line of humidity sensing devices, and they offer integrated circuitry providing on-chip signal integrity. Honeywell sensors are used in a wide array of industries from air conditioning and refrigeration, ventilation, to HVAC. They are also used in compressors, weather stations, telecommunications, and drying applications. The medical industry makes use of the sensors in respiratory therapy and incubators.

The Humidicon
The Honeywell Humidicon has an accuracy range of 1.7 %RH to ±4.5 %RH, and they are energy efficient and high resolution. It features long-term stability and reliability, and offers true temperature output. They are surface mounted with a SIP pin housing. They are available with or without filters, and offer a wide temperature range. Alarms are optional, and they are halogen free and WEEE compliant.

Humidicon Benefits
A Honeywell humidity sensor is an affordable and long lasting sensor, and it offers the best stability in the industry. The need for servicing and calibration is drastically reduced, and the Thermoset-polymer sensing is hazard resistant. The Humidicon offers ASIC a multi-function process bringing flexibility and low risk calibration. This sensor is popular across all industries because of its flexibility, and error free operation.

Honeywell Sensors
Honeywell manufacturers a wide range of humidity sensors to fit the large range of applications called for in various industries. The H6000 series features laser trimmed sensors for stable performance and accuracy. The HIH5030/5031 series offers chemical resistance, and an accuracy of +/- 3%RH for quality sensing at competitive pricing. The HIH4000 series features instrument ion quality performance, and it offers a high resistance to hazard risk.

Honeywell humidity sensors are engineered with Honeywell excellence. Honeywell is global, and recognized for its dependability and superior support. All its humidity sensors are backed by the Honeywell warranty of defect free and failure free performance. Honeywell brings 75 years of expertise to our sensors, and the dependability, and long lifespans of our products result in savings over the life of the component. Robust testing ensures the sensor you need is perfect and sustainable from installation to its long life.

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