Facing a Charge of Burglary Crime in Egg Harbor Township, NJ: How a Lawyer Can Help

Nothing is quite as disconcerting as opening the front door and finding law enforcement officers standing there with a warrant for an arrest. Hearing that the charge is breaking and entering is even more of a surprise. Along with cooperating with the officers, it pays to secure the services of a lawyer as quickly as possible. Doing so will make it easier to prepare a defense against the burglary crime in Egg Harbor Township, NJ and get to the truth.

Meeting with the Client

The first thing the lawyer will want to do is meet with the client and go over the particulars of the alleged burglary crime in Egg Harbor Township NJ. What are the charges exactly? What information can the client supply that would shed light on the charges? The questions asked by the lawyer will form the basis to decide how to go about preparing the defense.

Keep in mind that the initial meeting may take place in jail or after the client is released on bail. It’s not unusual for the lawyer to meet with the client prior to the bail hearing and arrange for bail to be supplied. This allows the client to remain free until the court date, an arrangement that makes it easier to continue going to work every day and be actively involved in planning the defense.

Gathering Additional Information

In order to defend the client, the lawyer will try to gather additional information. The goal is to discount the charges by proving the client was not in a position to commit the crime. Even if the prosecution can place the client at the site of the burglary prior to the event, being able to prove the individual left the scene before the crime took place will make a significant impact on the outcome.

Never assume that a burglary charge has to be left standing, even if things look a little bleak. Call the law office of Mark D. Kargman Esq. LLC today and get the legal help you need. In the best case scenario, evidence will be uncovered that proves the client is not guilty of the charge.

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