Facts about Traditional Tattooing in San Diego CA

When speaking about traditional tattooing, most people associate the term with something bad. So it’s not uncommon to receive sermons from parents about how ugly they are, how they look indecent, etc. As a logical consequence, it’s not uncommon for children to see it as a way of rebellion and liberation. Consequently, tattoos are synonymous with the bad boy who lives his life by his own rules, and does not care what think his parents or other people thinks. However, this negative view towards the tattoo makes people forget the tattoo is actually an art form.

Traditional Tattooing, unlike others, is as ephemeral as life itself. It’s this existence that gives tattoos its unique value, which throughout history has evolved. It is able to evoke and instill a host of reactions and feelings like interest, admiration, amazement, disgust, surprise or opposition. It’s why anyone who sees a tattoo, either studied or not, art lover or not, conservative or liberal, young or adult etc. will not question the art form.

It’s here, in its meaning, where this art acquires its true significance, depending on the culture, time and the person who wears it. Besides the significance of a tattoo, one must look at the importance of the aesthetics reflecting the tattoo. Keep in mind that the tattoo is the creation of an artist who with their talent, experience and creativity manages to capture artwork. For these reasons (meaning, aesthetics and artistry), tattoos must be seen as an art and not as taboo.

If anything characterizes art, it’s the meaning of the work itself. In ancient Greece, many of the sculptures meant were for honoring them or for their protection. Medieval art was dominated by the Inquisition and their works meant the greatness of God. Romantic works of art represented the feelings of the romantic man. Tattooing takes on different meanings depending on time, culture and the tattooed person.

Nowadays tattoos commemorate dead relatives, difficult and happy moments of life, loves, ideologies, bands, countless feelings and meanings, etc. They can have many meanings, as do other arts, but unlike the latter, the meaning will always be linked to the person who wears it, making the tattoo a link that will never be broken. Yet for a Traditional tattooing in San Diego CA to be fully appreciated, quality and detail is crucial. To know more contact Funhouse Tattoo SD.

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