Feel a Part of the Team with Custom Embroidered Shirts

When your part of a team, you feel good and you want to make your comradery known. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of a custom embroidered shirt. Custom embroidered shirts are fairly easy to come by and are a good investment for a few different reasons.


Getting custom embroidery done on a shirt is often carried out by a company that specializes in logo embroidering. These companies often offer package deals that reduce the price of having shirts made for multiple people. For example, many companies offer the first embroidery at no cost and provide all embroideries after that for less than 5 dollars each. Custom embroidery is not as expensive as one would expect.

Additionally, the Internet has streamlined the process. Today, many embroidery companies allow customers to design their own custom logos right on their websites. The customer can then send the logo, along with the shirt type, directly to the company.


Custom embroidered shirts can be powerful marketing and team-building tools. Having every employee wear the same shirt can help build comradery and feelings of togetherness. Additionally, business owners can use custom shirts as a means of spreading the word about their brand and building brand loyalty. For example, they are great to hand out at promotional events, and when people wear them they become walking advertisements for your company.

Custom shirts are also great for sentimental reasons. Whether at a family gathering or vacation, they can be a great reminder of good times had by all.


Sometimes embroidered shirts can require special care. If they are being machined washed it might be beneficial to turn them inside-out. This helps keep the embroidering safe from wear. Additionally, it’s best to avoid washing embroidered shirts with garments that have metal or plastic hardware. Finally, it’s often recommended that embroidered shirts be air-dried.

Not matter the occasion, a custom embroidered shirts is a great way to remember any outing or get-together. Additionally, for business owners they’re a great way to kindle comradery and can become a powerful marketing tool.

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