Figuring Out Whether to Tip International Movers Near Dallas

When contemplating a cross-country move, hiring long distance movers might be quite important. On the other hand, international moves are a very different story and require the expertise of international movers near Dallas. The time required for a professional mover to transport your belongings from your old home to your new home might be several weeks, which means that your movers will be working for extended periods.

Because international moving involves much planning, patience, and meticulous attention to detail, it is important to tip your movers appropriately when they complete the task.

Tipping Etiquette

Moving is a service where tipping your movers is customary, similar to tipping your waitress at a restaurant. Gratuity is often 15-20% of the entire cost of your move. When hiring international relocation services, you must tip all moving crews. To figure out how much to tip them, split the entire cost of the relocation in half (to account for both teams) and multiply by gratuity.

For example, if your relocation costs $2500, you would compute the tip based on half of the total ($1250 in this scenario) and pay each crew that amount ($187-$250). Contact international movers near Dallas for a free quotation to estimate the cost of your long distance relocation. Due to tipping, traffic, additional services, and other move charges, the total amount for your relocation may fluctuate from the initial estimate.

When to Tip

When the movers have finished transferring your stuff into your new home, it is usual to tip them following the move. The amount you tip reflects your level of satisfaction with their service. A decent gratuity is a terrific way to show them you appreciate how well they looked after your possessions.

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