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A prescription for medical marijuana in Montgomery County, Maryland may be the right choice if you have tried traditional prescription medications in order to treat your symptoms. For some people, regular pharmaceutical drugs cause unwanted side effects. In some cases, the side effects are worse than the condition that the drugs are supposed to treat. Medical marijuana may be the right choice if this is a problem that you have. Medicinal cannabis may be medically indicated for people of any age.

Medical marijuana is designed for medical purposes. It is recommended as a way to treat many different types of conditions. If you have cancer and are taking chemotherapy, you may lose your appetite and experience a significant weight loss. Cancer may also cause you to have intense pain. Medical marijuana is a way to treat the pain, nausea, and loss of appetite associated with cancer treatment.

Medicinal cannabis may also be used to treat other chronic conditions. We abide by your physician’s prescription for the type and amount of medicinal cannabis. If you are new to the use of medical marijuana, you may want to ease into using it. This allows you to have a gentle start to its medicinal properties. We can explain the different ways to use medical marijuana. If you need any equipment for delivering medical marijuana to your body, just let us know. We have different options available for your consideration. Our associates can show you how each of them works.

When you are in need of medical marijuana in Montgomery County, Maryland, contact us at Herbology. We offer confidential prescription filling services. If you have any questions about medicinal cannabis, our technicians or pharmacist can answer them for you. Give us a call or visit us online for additional details about our dispensary.

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