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Financial Assistance for Cancer Care Can Help Even If You Have Insurance

Financial Assistance for Cancer Care Can Help Even If You Have Insurance

Cancer is a scary diagnosis, and one that affects more than just your health. Healing, recovering, and managing symptoms involve much more than medical treatments themselves can provide. Of course, you should always follow your doctor’s recommendations, but there are many other aspects to a cancer diagnosis beyond the treatment you receive from your physician. Complimentary therapies and other self-care strategies are often recommended for cancer patients. There are many reasons why financial assistance for cancer care can help even if you have insurance, and why it’s something that cancer patients and their support team should investigate in greater detail.

Existing Health Insurance Won’t Cover Everything

Unfortunately, your existing health insurance plan may not cover everything you need in order to manage your symptoms. In addition to medical treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation, there are a number of alternate treatments frequently used to cope with other side effects. Over the counter medications to help with pain or nausea likely won’t be covered, and comfort items to help you recover at home such as soft blankets or additional pillows will also come out of your pocket. Many people who receive chemotherapy also deal with fluctuating weight, requiring the purchase of a new wardrobe. When you receive financial assistance for cancer care, you are able to spend the money as you see fit – allowing you the ability to purchase these items without going into debt to do so.

Psychiatric Care Is Essential

Another aspect of cancer treatment that your existing insurance plan may not cover is the option for psychiatric care. Some health care plans will allow for a limited number of visits per year, but those who have recently received a cancer diagnosis may quickly exhaust that number. In addition, not all forms of mental health care are covered under many plans, meaning that the type of care that works best for you may have to come out of pocket. This is another area in which having financial assistance can help. You’ll be free to seek out the best type of care, and with the frequency of visits, that you need in order to manage this tough time in your life. For more information visit, Fifth Season Financial.

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