Find Out If You’re Expecting with the Free Pregnancy Test Service

Do you think there’s a possibility that you’re pregnant? If your period is late and your worried, you don’t have to go out to the store to buy a pregnancy test. You can save money with the free pregnancy test service that will give you accurate results as to whether or not you’re expecting. It’s better to find out early instead of putting it off and avoiding it, even if you’re worried, nervous, and a bit scared about the future.

What Happens After I Find Out?

If you’ve used the free pregnancy test service and find out that the results were positive, you’re pregnant. A medical professional might be able to tell you how far along you are based off HCG levels and your last menstruation. Once the pregnancy is confirmed, you can receive professional counseling if you’re not sure what to do.

What Are The Options That I’ll Have?

As a pregnant woman, you do have options. You can choose to have an abortion, which will end the pregnancy. A counselor can tell you how the process of abortion works, as there are several different ways, including medical and surgical options. However, you can also learn about the other options that you have. You can keep the baby, even if you feel like you can’t afford the little one. A counselor can talk to you about ways to get financial help so that you can receive the added help until you’re back on your feet.

Aside from keeping the baby or getting an abortion, a counselor can also talk to you about adoption. You could decide to give birth to a baby and then allow another family to adopt him or her, providing the baby with a caring home. You might feel good knowing that the child you gave birth to is being cared by people who are stable and will give him or her lots of love.

The Women’s Center provides women with counseling when making decisions about their pregnancy. Whether you just need to take a pregnancy test or if you would like to talk about what you can do about your pregnancy, you are more than welcome to visit the center.

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