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Find Out What Makes Shred Confidential Different

Find Out What Makes Shred Confidential Different

Document shredding is essential for businesses that maintain confidential data. Indeed, they must protect data belonging to employees and customers. This information cannot be thrown away without shredding it first. In fact, doing so could expose one to criminal and civil prosecution. Everyone has heard stories in the media about sensitive information being found in dumpsters. Amazingly, if papers are laying in a dumpster, they can be taken legally. This is why many companies use the services of professional shredders.

Generally, offices generate a lot of paper. The company would have to employ several people to shred documents in-house. In fact, a company faces a lot of exposure trusting employees to shred documents. One would have to depend on several people to protect a lot of private information. That is a big risk because identity theft is a multi-million dollar business. What makes Shred Confidential different? The company makes sure your date is kept under lock and key. Additionally, Shred Confidential’s employees collect the information and they do not look at it. Large shredding companies have trucks with huge industrial-sized machines that destroy a lot of paper at one time.

They leave locked collection bins at each client’s office. A representative visits periodically to empty the receptacles and put all the material in a collection cart. Next, he or she scans the barcode on each bin. A hand-held computer records how much material is taken out of each bin. The cart is locked and all the paper taken to the truck to be destroyed. What makes Shred Confidential different? The client gets a shredding certificate verifying the material is destroyed.

This is a way to avoid the costs of maintaining an industrial shredder. Individual businesses would have to buy the shredder, store it, and be responsible for maintenance. It is much easier to let an outside company handle the load. Finally, the shredding certificate can be used as proof if there’s ever a question about the company leaking information. The certificate states how many bins were emptied and how much material was in each bin. Eliminate the possibility of paperwork being mishandled. Hire professionals to shred all sensitive documents.

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