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Finding A Good Reliable Plumber

To most homeowners anything more than dealing with a blocked drain or replacing the washer on a leaky faucet is beyond their plumbing capabilities. If you are a long time resident in an area by now you will have the name of a good plumber, electrician and all-around handyman. If you are new to the area or newlyweds just setting up your first home odds are you have yet to find these trades people. Looking for a plumber in Deerfield IL when water is creeping up the walls is not the time to begin.

Any tradesman that is needed around any home should be found and identified long before you need him.

Finding a plumber:

Not all plumbers are the same; some plumbers specialize in new construction projects while others may specialize in doing house renovation work. It is important that you get the right one; as a homeowner you probably will be looking for a plumber in Deerfield IL that is more involved in repair than only new installations.

The best place to start looking for a plumber is right in your neighborhood. Introduce yourself to the neighbors; find out if they have a good plumber and get the details. You can also talk to the people you work with, if they have had good experiences with a local plumber find out who they deal with. Once you have a few names of plumbers that come recommended, call them. Ask for their rates, ask if they charge by the job or by the hour, find out if their time begins when they leave their shop or arrive at your home; ask if they respond to off hour emergencies and if so, do they charge extra.

Pre-qualifying the plumbers:

Once you have reviewed the prices offered, take the top three best and subject them to a further review. Ask each candidate if they are licensed and if so, is the license current? Find out if they are insured, both liability and workers comp; find out how long they have been in business and what their rating is with the Better Business Bureau. A plumber in Deerfield IL that performs poorly won’t last long regardless of how little they charge.

With a little bit of pre-qualification work on your part, reviewing a few prices and digging into the background of your candidates, it will not be long until the plumber line in your phone-book is filled in.

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