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Fishing line Malaysia

Fishing line Malaysia

Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned professional, it is important to have the right equipment when it comes to fishing. As well as having the right rod and reels, it is worth making sure you choose the best fishing line Malaysia to suit the fishing that you want to do.

Monofilament or “Mono” is the most common and is often popular due to the fact it is the easiest type of line to cast and is less prone to tangling (examples in our range include AAA and Big Strike).

Braided lines don’t stretch as much as mono but they are more sensitive, so they will often make it easier for you to tell when you can get a bite. They also sink faster, so braided lines are better for when you want a deeper drop. Examples in this range include Sol and Lagenda, with several brands offering ultralight lines.

Leader lines and fluorocarbon lines are the same. Leader lines such as Noro Ultimate have a thinner diameter and are perfect for heavy cover applications, with the added benefit of being invisible under water, making it harder for the fish to detect.

It can seem difficult to choose between the different options, especially for a beginner. If this seems overwhelming and you want more specific information about the products available, Seahawk Fishing can help. Contact us today and we will be happy to go over the range of products we have to find the ideal fishing line Malaysia to suit your style of fishing.

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