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Five Benefits Of Aluminum Anodizing

Five Benefits Of Aluminum Anodizing

Aluminum is a favorite material among many engineers. It is incorporated into many structures and products. However, while aluminum does offer many desirable qualities, for those in aircraft and automotive production, in Georgia, such applications may demand greater strength than standard aluminum is capable of delivering. This is where anodizing is requested. Anodized aluminum enhances the basic properties demonstrated by aluminum.

Major Benefits

The process, which consists of coating the aluminum with a layer of oxidation, does not corrode or “oxidize” the metal. Instead, it provides the substrate’s surface with various enhancements of already existing qualities. These work to improve the existing qualities. The hardened and oxidized coating is incorporated into the aluminum. As a result, the product now exhibits the following beneficial characteristics:

  1. Corrosion Resistance: The sealant and coating provide protection against oxidation, increasing the metal’s ability to avoid the ravages of corrosion
  2. Durability: The protective layer producing by anodizing provides aluminum with a higher level of resistance to standard wear-and-tear.
  3. Finishing/Aesthetics: While aluminum is attractive in its own subtle way, the process gives the metal a heightened appearance. The addition of colors to the process further boosts the allure of this metal for many
  4. Vigor: Once anodized, the surface of aluminum becomes stronger than pure aluminum
  5. Low Maintenance: Anodized aluminum does not require the intense work often associated with many metals. It lacks the various condition issues common from such processes as fabrication and installation. Rinsing with soap and water is often all it takes to restore the material back to its initial appearance

Aluminum Anodizing

Automotive and aerospace industries often insist on anodizing their aluminum components. In Georgia plants, they know the results are beneficial. The process not only increases the metal’s corrosive resistance, but it also imbues it with several other desirable qualities. Among these are enhanced physical appearance and increased durability and strength.

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