Industrial Anodizing – The Process Described

The aluminum anodizing process produces a layer of oxide on the surface of aluminum metal which enhances the metals corrosion resistance. The process of industrial anodizing as it relates to aluminum is covered more extensively below.

Oxide Protective Coating Formed

By the means of electrolytic process, and oxide protective coating is developed on the surface of the material. The process is carried out as follows:

First, and aluminum metal part is placed into a bath of electrolytic solution that also contains a cathode. Then a current is also added to the solution. This produces hydrogen which also stars the formation of oxygen on the anode’s surface. Next, a metal oxide film is developed on the surface of the part being treated.

The industrial anodizing process when applied to aluminum is able to create an oxide layer thickness on the aluminum part with a thickness 100 times greater than would exist if the part was simply exposed naturally to oxygen.

High resistance to wearing and corrosion is developed by the parts treated during this process.

Aluminum parts that undergo the anodizing process have a longer service life than those parts which do not undergo this process.

Aluminum Anodizing

The process of aluminum anodizing enables paints and glues to achieve enhanced surface adhesion capabilities. The protective oxide layer contains pores that allow for greater adhesion to take place.

Aluminum and aluminum alloys commonly use the process of industrial anodizing. However, other metals such as zinc, magnesium, and titanium may also use this process and achieve significant benefits.

Based on the type of electrolytic solution used in the anodizing process, one of various methods of anodizing may be implemented. The solution that used to be applied in this process has now changed. Previously, chromic acid was the preferred solution for the protection of parts and components in various commercial operations and applications. Today, sulfuric acid is the commonly used electrolytic solution.

If you are in the market for the application of anodizing solutions to your aluminum parts and/or equipment, contact an experienced industrial aluminum metal coatings supplier that understands the various aspects of the anodizing process.

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