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The Advantages Of 24 Hour Bail Bondsman In Stamford, CT

In Connecticut, bail bonds are financial options that are used instead of paying the full pay value. The judge assigns a bail value during the defendant’s arraignment. The bail value is based on the crime for which the defendant is accused and the defendant’s previous criminal history. A 24 hour bail bondsman in Stamford CT could assist defendants who are eligible for bail.

Getting Released Faster

The bail bonds help defendants get out of jail faster. If the defendant isn’t able to pay the full bail value, it is possible for them to get released via bail bond. The defendant contacts the bail bondsman and makes arrangements for their release.

Weekend Release Options

Bail bondsmen that operate on a 24-hour basis can assist defendants who are arrested during the weekend. The bondsmen have connections with criminal court judges and could acquire a signature even when the courthouse is closed. Once the defendant pays for the bail bond, the bondsman will contact the judge and acquire the necessary documents.

Options for Paying for the Bail Bond

The defendants have several options for paying for a bail bond. First, the defendants could pay via check, cash, or credit card payment. If they don’t have the money on hand, the defendant could utilize some form of collateral to secure the bail bond. The bail bondsman accepts titles for automobiles, deeds for real estate, and access to accounts such as savings. A certificate of deposit account is also an acceptable form of collateral.

Meeting with the Bondsman at the Jail

The bondsmen have connections within the county jail and can utilize the connections to meet with defendants. In most cases, the defendant can request a bail bondsman and communicate with the bondsman directly. However, some county jails require the defendant to use a representative to manage their bail bond.

In Connecticut, bail bonds are options that allow criminal defendants to become released from the county jail. The defendants pay a percentage of their total bail value to secure the bail bond. Defendants who need the assistance of a 24 hour bail bondsman in Stamford CT can browse our website for further details right now.

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