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Common Problems Steam Turbine Services Address

Common Problems Steam Turbine Services Address

Steam turbines are rotating machines. They are engines electricity companies use to produce power. However, as is the case with all types of machinery, it can suffer from a variety of problems. Companies supplying steam turbine services are available to address many of them, including the most common types.

Common Problems Affecting Steam Turbines

It is critical to keep steam turbines in a power plant operating efficiently, effectively and on demand. Failure to do so has serious consequences. The most common problems, some resulting in repair work, retrofitting or complete replacements affect specific parts or are the result of existing conditions. Two common affected parts are

1. Rotors: Bending causes steam turbine blades to fail. It can also negatively affect the ability of other components to operate properly. General causes are

a. Rubbing in the diaphragms or labyrinths

b. Rotor or casing misalignment

2. Bearings: Turbine bearing failure results from its severe operating conditions including:

a. High temperatures

b. Moisture-laden setting

c. High transient thrust loads

d. Long time spent in idle readiness – This condition results in the highest level of exposure to corruptive contaminants

All of the above can result in increased rotor vibration. This severely affects the ability of the steam turbine engine to function efficiently and effectively. Steam turbine services include maintenance programs designed to prevent such issues. By adopting preventive measures, hydroelectric companies can reduce the instances of steam turbine failure and power production interruption.

Steam Turbine Services

Steam turbines, in spite of the increased use of combustion turbines, continue to provide the power for the production of hydroelectricity. Even with the current improvement in steam turbine technology and the means of addressing their potential problems, certain issues affecting efficiency and operation shall continue to exist. It is up to the company to ensure they hire a company capable of supplying the level of steam turbine services their equipment needs.

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