For your Loved One Choose Cremation Services in Federal Way Wa

More and more people are choosing to employ cremation services in Federal Way Wa. In the past fifteen years, twice as many Americans have chosen cremation. In the state of Washington nearly seventy-two percent have made this choice. There are many factors involved in this trend.

To begin with, cremation comes with half the fee of a conventional casket burial. It removes entirely the cost of graves and tombstones. Embalming the corpse is not a requirement and urns are much more economical than coffins. Also, urns are easier to move and store. Cremation allows far greater flexibility. One can keep the ashes indefinitely or until the family agrees on where they should be scattered. The Cremation Association of North American states that one-third of those who received cremated remains decided to keep them. One-third bury them and the final third scatter them.

There are important things to consider before scattering ashes. If scattering cremated remains at sea, you must be at least three miles from shore. Most national parks, including the Grand Canyon, permit the scattering of ashes. However, if your loved one has left you with the task of scattering their ashes at a favorite spot, such as Disneyland or Central Park, they are asking you to do something against the rules. If one is discreet, it can still be done. As a matter of fact, this endeavor has been given the name of wildcat scattering.

Cremated remains can be altered in even more unique ways. There are companies combining remains into ecologically safe mixtures that will be used to create undersea, artificial reef formations. Others have designed rockets for the single purpose of sending ashes into space. If you want to keep your loved one’s ashes close forever, you may choose to have the remains changed into an artificial diamond. This allows the invention of a piece of jewelry that can become a priceless family heirloom.

For people troubled about their environmental footprint, cremation is the green substitute for burial. It avoids all the harsh chemicals, such as arsenic and formaldehyde, involved in embalming as well as the land that would be taken up by a grave. When making final arrangements for a loved one, cremation services in Federal Way Wa will be ready to meet your needs.

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