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Ford Expedition Gives Us Much To Appreciate

Ford Expedition Gives Us Much To Appreciate

The 2018 Ford Expedition has given the world its first taste of many of Ford’s most recent innovations. From the convenient LiftGate feature that gives shoppers the ability to pack their store haul without ever having to put their hands on a handle, to stability features like Hill Descent Control and Hill Start Assist, to the comfort of the cloth front bucket seats, this amazing SUV remains one of the most popular models for the 2018 season. And it’s available right now at Hawk Ford.

Hawk Ford Is Showcasing The Expedition

Hawk Ford is as reliable as the auto maker they welcome onto their lot each day. Just like Ford, Hawk provides exceptional salesmanship, craftsmanship, and financing strategies so that their customers always walk away with a deal they are confident about. The Expedition is one of the most exciting Ford models of the 2018 season, so right now Hawk is pleased to fill you in on a secret: If you love SUVs, you NEED to see the Ford Expedition in Burbank. The hands-free
voice-activated nature of the cabin’s SYNC® infotainment system is going to be just one of the many things that you want to see on this vehicle.

Test Drive It Today

Anyone who feels like the Expedition might just be their next family SUV is welcome to come down to Hawk Ford today to test drive the Expedition. The friendly sales team is always happy to take people out for full guided test drives that help them buy with more confidence than just simply browsing online. Find the trim of Ford Expedition in Burbank that suits you and call them today for a full test drive! You might just be test driving one of the greatest SUVs of 2018. Click here to know more about offers available on Ford Expedition at Hawk Ford.

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