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Getting Basement Waterproofing in Brighton for a Concrete Foundation

One of the worst things that can happen to a residential structure, no matter what its age, size or location, is a damp problem. Moisture can have a big effect on the foundation of a building and unless the issue is dealt with in a timely manner, you could end up spending thousands of pounds on repairs. To increase home value and avoid problems associated with mildew or mould growth, it’s worth investing in basement waterproofing in Brighton. A concrete foundation must be kept dry to ensure a dry interior space, so take the following things into account prior to calling for professional help.

Foundation Problems

The first reason for getting basement waterproofing in Brighton completed is to eradicate foundation problems. Unless the cracks are kept as tight as possible, water may leak into the cracks and the water-cement ratio will increase. As a result, you can expect an expensive undertaking to follow. Despite this, most types of concrete foundations won’t be waterproof to start with, therefore implementing a system of draining water away from the foundation is crucial for maintaining property value and steering clear of unexpected predicaments.

The Three Components

For any expert to accomplish their goal when it comes to basement waterproofing in Brighton, a few things will be taken into account. These include the soil/water table conditions, climate and geographic location. After these things have been looked at in-depth, three jobs will be completed:

1. Drains will be moved away from the foundation to ensure they don’t overflow and cause an irreversible problem.

2. Wall moisture will be prevented with a waterproof wall treatment.

3. Surface water can accumulate quickly, particularly when rain falls heavily. When a ground surface treatment is applied, water accumulation won’t occur.

Options to Consider

Now that you know the basic facts about basement waterproofing, you can consider all of your options. For most methods, an asphaltic material will be applied to the affected area. Either a brush, roller or some kind of spraying equipment will be used at this stage, but the surface must be smooth and clean to begin with. Alternatively, ask about sheet products. These sheets are crafted with polyethylene film and are covered by rubberized asphaltic membranes. The wettest of foundations will be dried out with bentonite waterproofing panels.

CavityTech Systems Ltd offers basement waterproofing services which include cavity drainage membrane, tanking & external systems.

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