Getting Your International Trucks Ready for the Hot Weather

by | May 23, 2017 | Automotive Services

It gets warm in Texas early, and before you know it, it’s summertime. Texans enjoy the hot weather and flock to beaches along the Gulf coast, and it’s vacation time for thousands of visitors. However, high temperatures and humidity are hard on your truck fleet, and you may have to check out the newest International trucks for sale soon if you’re not properly prepared for summer. Here are some helpful tips for getting your trucks through the heat this year.

Cooling System

Heat is particularly hard on your truck’s cooling system. It has to work extra hard just to keep the engine cool. It’s not enough to check your coolant level. You need to check the ratio of antifreeze to water. Most manufacturers recommend a 50/50 mixture for the best cooling system performance.

If you have diesel engines, it’s even more important to practice proper cooling system maintenance. For example, some engines work better with coolant additives because they protect engines against premature wear and tear. If your engine uses a coolant filter, it needs replacement at the recommended intervals.

When you add water to the cooling system, don’t use tap water. You need to use distilled or de-ionized water that has no minerals. Minerals can react with coolant and encourage corrosion. Check with a local source offering International trucks for sale in Texas for manufacturer specifications.

Air Conditioning

When it’s hot, your drivers need to run the air conditioning most of the time. This puts an extra strain on the cooling system. It’s important to back flush and clean the entire system when recommended. Also, check refrigerant levels and look for leaks in the system.

Checking out the cooling system is important when you look at used International trucks for sale in Texas. Of course, when you choose the right dealership, they take care of this for you.

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