Reasons To Move To Fluorescent Light

by | May 23, 2017 | Bulbs

In most new home construction, contractors take great care in choosing the most energy efficient types of lighting for all installed fixtures in the home. With older homes, it is still possible to upgrade lights to the many fluorescent light options available today.

There are many different reasons to upgrade to modern fluorescent light bulbs throughout the home. Considering the perks and benefits of this change will make the decision even easier. For existing lighting fixtures, compact fluorescents are easy to use, they will simply screw into the fixture replacing any standard light bulb.

Low Cost

The installation of fluorescent fixtures is relatively low and, to assist with ongoing cost savings there is a long life cycle, meaning a low replacement cost. In a home, this is perhaps not as critical as in large commercial buildings where there may be hundreds of lights that will eventually need to be replaced as they burn out. It will still save money over time, which is important to consider.

Color Options

Unlike traditional light bulbs that may offer a brilliant or a soft white light, the use of fluorescent light allows for a great range of light from cool to warm colors. The cool colors of fluorescent have a slight blue tint to a noticeable blue light while warmer colors are yellow to white. The color is actually measured by color temperature with lower temperature the warm light and higher temperatures producing the cooler colors.

Energy Efficiency

Transitioning a home from old styles of incandescent light to fluorescent will provide a cost saving. This can be a considerable reduction in the energy bill resulting from changing the lighting in the home.

It is important to keep in mind that this is not a saving that occurs just once, it will continue to reduce electrical bills as long as fluorescents are in use. This saving can add up through the years, saving homeowners substantially and helping the home to be more energy-efficient.

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