Going To Car Dealers in Palatine Or Private Sellers: Which One To Consider?

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Automotive Services

When searching for a new vehicle, it is never easy to decide between a gently pre-owned one or a brand new one. However, once you’ve chosen, you’ve still got to determine if you want to go to car dealers in Palatine or try your hand with a private seller. Both options may initially seem like good choices, making it even tougher to determine what you should do.

New Cars Only

For those who only want to purchase new vehicles, you will only have that luxury at a dealership.

Private Sellers

Private sellers do have some benefits, and it’s worthwhile to know what they are. For example, a private seller may be more motivated to sell what they have and are open to negotiation. However, they may also be willing to take a lower price because they’re selling you a lemon. You may not be pressured into buying, but they also won’t help you with any paperwork or title transfers.

Dealership Benefits

In many cases, car dealers in Palatine are the best choice because they may offer a warranty on the vehicle or you may be allowed to purchase a warranty. They may also let you bring it back and exchange it for another brand or model. Of course, the primary benefit is that you’ll have many cars to choose from, which means you can get something with more technology or in a favorite color.

They also have a reputation to uphold and are willing to go the extra mile to get you what you want. Plus, they are watched closely by federal and state governments, so you’ve got peace of mind knowing that they won’t sell you a piece of junk.

Car dealers in Palatine are more likely to have many options available. Visit Arlington Heights Ford today to learn more.

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