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Good Reasons for Using Bail Bonds to Overcome Felony Charges in Tyler, TX

Good Reasons for Using Bail Bonds to Overcome Felony Charges in Tyler, TX

When you have been arrested for a felonious crime, you could face spending months in jail before your trial or sentencing date. The idea of spending long days behind bar before you actually see a judge next can be galling. You want to go home to be with your family before you start your trial or face sentencing for your crime.

After the arraignment judge sets your bail, your next move would be to contact a bail bondsman in your area. You need to call one who works with clients facing felony charges in Tyler, TX.

Participating in Your Own Defense

One of the main reasons to get out on bond while facing felony charges in Tyler, TX, involves participating in your own defense. It can be difficult to meet with a lawyer behind bars. You are limited by the time constraints for visiting hours as well as a lack of privacy.

When you are out on bond, you can meet with your attorney at his or her office. You can spend as much time as needed in these meetings to play a key role in your own defense.

Being with Family

Another reason to get out of jail involves spending time with family. You could face years in prison if you are convicted. You want to spend as much time with your loved ones before the judge determines your fate.

You can learn more about using bail bonds for felony charges in Tyler, TX, online. Contact Strike Three Bonds at You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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