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Has Your Dentist Said You Need a Dental Crown in Kona?

When your dentist says you need a crown, this is most likely because your tooth strength has been compromised in some way and is in danger of further damage. A crown surrounds your tooth with a solid shell so you can continue to have full and normal function. If your dentist has said you need a crown, make sure you read on so you can learn more about your procedure to receive a Dental Crown in Kona.

The first part of getting a Dental Crown in Kona involves the dentist making a model of your tooth. This allows the dentist to send your information to the dental lab so your crown can be created. This helps to ensure your crown will fit perfectly in with your teeth so it properly covers your tooth and offers full protection.

After impressions are made, the tooth will need to be prepared. Your dentist will prepare your tooth by shaping it using special dental tools. The shaping process rounds the corners, removes damaged areas and makes your tooth into a shape that will fit in the crown. This shaping process helps to ensure your tooth will fit in nicely with the crown so it can become a permanent part of your tooth.

Once your crown is ready, the dentist will want to be sure it provides a perfect fit. Your fit will be tested before the crown is adhered in place. If the crown has been made properly, it should provide you with the perfect fit.

To make sure the crown becomes a permanent part of your tooth, it will be adhered in place. The dental adhesive used is made to create a strong bond between your tooth and the crown. Once the crown has been adhered in place, it should provide you with full function for at least seven years.

If you are interested in learning how a crown can protect your tooth and improve the appearance of your smile, contact the office of Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. Through a consultation appointment, the dentist can examine your tooth and make sure you are a good candidate for the procedure. Contact them today for more information.



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