Have Military Housing You Will Love by Living in a Stylish Apartment Off-Base

by | Aug 19, 2016 | Business

When it comes to living the military life, you can often find yourself being moved around to different locations. It can make it difficult to find a home to live in when you do not know when you will be moving again. While there is the option of living on-base, military men and women love the advantages that off-base military housing in Chula Vista has to offer. When you select to live off-base you have a larger selection of housing to choose from that will offer you the same comforts of your own home. From a short-term least to long-term, affordable housing is available with lots of amenities.

Benefits of Off-Base Housing

One advantage of off-base housing is the chance of a long waiting list to move in. The on-base housing can have a fairly long list of people wanting to move in. Anywhere from a few weeks to several months before a place is available for you. You can select an apartment that fits your needs whether you require a one-bedroom or would like a two-bedroom for any overnight guests that may stay with you. If you select to live on-base you will not be able to hand pick your home versus off-base where you can choose the location and style of apartment you reside in. You will gain the freedom that off-base offers along with other amenities such as cable, Wi-Fi, and a swimming pool.

Find Affordable Housing in a Wonderful Location

Foxwood Apartments offers their residents spacious one or two bedroom apartments to select from. A fully furnished home that is ready to move into once you sign your lease and keeps you in a prime location to reach the base within minutes of leaving home. Residents have access to numerous shopping and dining locations to help meet any needs that they may have while providing them with reasonably priced apartments to rent.

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