Help an Addict – Six Things You Need to Stop Doing

by | Feb 29, 2016 | Drug Addiction

The family of a person struggling with drug addiction can often suffer the same hurtful consequences that the addict themselves experience. Choosing treatment may be a good decision, but until you recognize the things you’ve been doing wrong, all forms of help are useless. Here are six things you need to stop doing if you want to effectively help a family member suffering from addiction:

Stop Living in the Dream World

Facing reality and admitting that something’s wrong is the crucial first step towards helping a loved one who has substance abuse problems. It may be difficult and scary, but the longer you try to ignore it, the worse the problem becomes. Accept your situation, so you can identify the things you have control over and those you don’t.

Stop Trying to Fix the Person

You can never “fix” or change the addicted person. You can even force him to go to a Malibu drug rehab, but if his heart is not in it, all your efforts are futile. The only person you have control over is yourself. Learn more about addiction, and how you and your family can better cope with it.

Stop Doing the Blame Game

It’s easy to put all the blame on the addict, especially if you are suffering and going through tough times. But, ask yourself how you may be contributing to the situation as well. Stop trying to figure out whose fault it is. Instead, evaluate the root causes of the problem and see how you can help as a family.

Stop Negative Enabling

Sometimes there are certain things you do for your addicted family member that are doing more harm than good. Giving them money regularly may seem like you’re heping, but the truth is, you are only enabling them to continue with their addiction.

Stop Being Manipulated

According to Candace Plattor, a clinical counsellor, addicts can be master manipulators, and they’ll do everything that will allow them to continue their addiction. They may manipulate you by lying, cheating, or guilt tripping, but be sure to hold your ground. Stop giving in to their every whim and learn to say “No.”

Stop Waiting for the Right Time

In addressing addiction, there is no such thing as perfect timing. Don’t wait for the situation to get better because chances are, it won’t. In fact, it may even get worse. Addressing drug addiction in the family requires a huge amount of courage, and now is the right time to summon that courage and seek professional help for your loved one.

When it comes to addiction and the suffering it causes, there is no better time to ask for help than now. Contact Serenity Malibu Rehab for world-class addiction treatment.

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