Here’s How Bail Bonds in Fort Worth, TX, Offer Fast Release From Jail

Texas boasts some of the largest county jails in the country, with wait times until trial approaching weeks. Luckily, bail bonds in Fort Worth, TX, from a seasoned, efficient bondsman can cut pretrial detention down to nothing. Here’s how. Securing Bail Bonds for Fast Release Pretrial detention is unavoidable if the defendant doesn’t have money to post bail. In a few circumstances, defendants might be released on their own recognizance if the offense is minor and a first. Bail bonds offer a way to post bail without paying the full bail amount. A bail bond from a bondsman is a legally recognized promise that the bond agent shall pay bail in full if the defendant skips court dates. To get the bail bond ball in motion, a bond agent requires the defendant’s booking number, location of detention, charges, bail amount and full name. The bail bond cost is 10 to 15 percent of bail in full. Paying for Bail Bonds One can pay for bail bonds with cash or major credit cards. Some bond agents also accept collateral as a guarantee of payment or to cover the bail bond cost. Collateral is any valuable property that can be liquidated, such as boats, airplanes, guns and vehicles with titles. The bondsman returns collateral once trial proceedings are complete, providing the collateral was not used to pay the bond agent’s fee. To get fast, affordable bail bonds in Fort Worth, TX, contact Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds at (817) 834-9894.

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