How A Disability Lawyer Can Help You

by | Jan 29, 2016 | Attorney

In the United States, Social Security is federal government program that for many years has been providing monetary benefits for retirees and those who cannot work due to a disability. Rarely would an applicant for retirement benefits ever need the assistance of a lawyer but the same cannot be said for those applying for disability benefits. A disability lawyer in Camden is one which has specialist knowledge of the rules, regulations and laws that apply to the claims process. The lawyer can help an applicant from the beginning of the process but is most often brought in by those who have their application denied.

Disability benefits are not a given, the disabled individual must prove to the satisfaction of the Social Security Administration that they do have a disability that stops them from doing any meaningful work. The SSA employ a very strict and detailed process to determine if the applicant meets all the rules including past work duties and complete medical records. If the SSA agree then, and only then, will benefits be granted, unfortunately for most, this does not happen. About three quarters of all applications for disability benefits are denied and this is when the majority of disappointed applicants turn to a disability lawyer in Camden.

Disability lawyers can of course help the applicant with the original submission but in the majority of cases they are called for by those that have applied and been subsequently denied. The lawyer will typically request that the application be reviewed and the decision reconsidered, failing that the lawyer will file a motion for a hearing in the presence of an administrative law judge. Once the applicant, his or her lawyer and the judge are sitting in the same room the lawyer will present arguments that support the case along with proof of the claimed mental or physical disability. In many cases the lawyer will bring along experts to testify, an occupational expert can define the physical and mental requirements that are needed to perform a particular job while a medical expert can testify how the present condition of the disabled applicant prevents him or her from performing the tasks that the job demands.

In the greatest majority of cases the disability lawyer in Camden is successful and the original decision which was to deny the application is overturned. In the event the judge denies the claim the lawyer can file a further appeal with the Social Security Appeals Council.

If your application for Social Security disability benefits is denied, you will need a seasoned disability lawyer in Camden to help you with the appeals process. Browse to know more information.

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