How a Jacksonville SEO Company Can Get Your More Business

by | Jun 23, 2015 | Business

Running a local business is usually very time-consuming and tiresome. The business is on the mind of the business owner 24/7. Thoughts about how to improve the customer experience, market the business, and make employees happier are continuous.

You can’t do it all yourself however.

Running a business has changed quite a bit in the last ten years. Techniques that used to generate new business are falling flat. It’s difficult to know what trends we should ignore, and which ones to follow.

In this day and age, however, it has become quite clear that the internet is here to stay. Most people are connected to the internet throughout the entire day. Smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and even thermostats and light bulbs, connect to the internet.

Modern business owners must pay attention to trends in the internet if they want to thrive.


How much business is actually generated by Google, Bing, and the other search engines?

While that statistic isn’t precisely available, over 3.5 billion searches happen every single day on Google alone.

People are searching the internet for all sorts of things, but you may not realize that many people frequently use search engines to find local business.

In fact, a survey conducted in 2011 found that 59% of consumers used Google at least once per month to find a local business. You can bet that percentage has only increased in the nearly four years that have passed since that survey was carried out.

Mapping technology has also improved, and now, a much greater portion of consumers carry a smartphone or connected tablet with them. These devices will allow them to search Google Maps, Apple Maps, and many other mapping services to find local businesses.

If you think about your own search habits, you’ll probably realize that this is something you do fairly frequently as well.


How exactly could an SEO company bring you more business or help you generate more leads?

Having your restaurant, for example, listed on Google Maps, could directly affect whether or not hungry customers in your area will find you.

Besides a listing on Google Maps, a listing near the top of Google’s ordinary search results page would also help customers in your area to find you.

It’s very common for individuals to search businesses in their area, and if Google isn’t ranking your website, your potential client may end up finding a competitor instead.

Outside of organically and directly bringing new customers to your website or your physical location, an SEO company also helps your customer experience indirectly.

Some of the factors that Google’s search algorithm uses to rank your site have to do with the visitor’s experience on your site. In general, improving the visitor’s experience also improves your search ranking. Factors like page load speed (how fast your site loads when someone visits), mobile responsiveness (how your site looks on a smartphone or tablet) and time on site (how long someone spends on your site) all factor into Google’s decision about where your website will rank.

A Jacksonville SEO company could assist you in improving your customer’s experience while simultaneously generating more business.

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