Three Reasons to Board Your Dog instead of Leaving Him Home Alone

by | Jun 22, 2015 | Pets

Living in NYC and being a pet owner at the same time can be stressful, not only for the owner but for the pet as well. Dogs often times are left home alone all day while their owner is out on the town, working long hours to provide the best home possible for them. But what is a comfortable place to stay without their best friend? Looking into NYC dog boarding can relieve an owner’s stress as well as provide pets with fun time during the day. When you’re on the fence about giving your dog away for the day, here are three reasons to board your dog instead of leaving him home alone.

1.  Boarding your dog is safer for them than being home alone

Especially if your dog has health problems or is farther along in age taking time to look into NYC dog boarding can really help keep him safe. When an owner boards their pet with professionals they are ensured the highest quality care and care can be administered in case of an emergency. If owners are on unsure of whether to trust NYC dog boarding it is important to remember the professionals that work in this field. When a dog is home alone for hours on end it can make them prone to accidents that can be avoided by the watchful eye of professionals.

2. Boarding your dog will offer proper stimulation

Dogs are social animals, and even if you have multiple pets, they can get tired of a sedentary lifestyle waiting for their owners all day. Boarding dogs in NYC can offer the proper stimulation and exercise that your pet craves. Dogs will often times be sharing a space with other dogs that they can interact and play with. Having these play dates will definitely improve the life of your pet.

3. Boarding dogs is most convenient for NYC owners

Professional NYC dog boarding centers can offer half day, full day, or overnight stays depending on the owner’s schedule. Not only that but they can offer drop off and pick up of your pet making life so much easier for a busy NYC pet owner. When trying to juggle such a hectic urban lifestyle owners may feel stressed not being able to tend to their dogs all day. Leaving it to the professionals can offer owners peace of mind and pets the time of their lives.

NY Tails is a NYC dog boarding company filled with dedicated professionals that offer an array of convenient daycare and transportation options. Visit their site for rates and testimonials.

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