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How a Rugged Portable Computer Can Revolutionize Your Auto Shop

How a Rugged Portable Computer Can Revolutionize Your Auto Shop

Many customers have an innate distrust of auto mechanics; that’s because so many of them have spent a lot of their time trying to take money from customers who know less about cars. They think that since someone is not as well-versed in mechanics, they can take advantage of them. If you can set yourself apart as a mechanic who is frank, up front, and trustworthy, then customers will return to you for your quality work as well as for the ease of working with you. A rugged portable computer can be key to revolutionizing the functionality in your auto shop.

How It Can Help

Sitting around waiting for a mechanic to finish with your car is one of the most boring activities anyone takes part in on a regular basis. People who sit around in the lobbies of auto shops normally bring books or magazines to read, but it is still incredibly boring. Researchers have proven that waiting around for your car is more frustrating than many other tasks because you don’t know how long you’ll be sitting there waiting. When you know what you’re waiting on and how long you should be waiting, it’s much easier to wait around.

Also, because customers have an innate distrust of mechanics, they tend to think that you are wasting their time for no good reason. You can alleviate many of these concerns with a computer that your mechanics have access to. When you connect the garage to the interior of your store, you can keep your customers informed of what is going on. For example, you can create a queue of cars that the mechanics also have access to. The mechanics can then make updates on which cars they’re working on that update inside the store as well. That way, customers can see the progress that’s being made so they know you’re not wasting their time, and they know what they’re waiting for.

They’re also useful for reading error codes, diagnosing engine problems, and searching for parts online.

What You Should Look For

Not just any computer will work in an auto garage. Only a rugged portable computer can survive the rigors of an industrial application. You need a computer that can withstand the heat of an auto mechanic as well as the various chemicals. The heat of grinders, exhaust, and welders can destroy normal computers; you need one made for industrial use. Oil, gasoline, antifreeze, and other chemicals would completely destroy any normal computer; you need one rated for that sort of use.

You want the computer to be portable so that it can be moved around the different parts of the shop. Different mechanics can hand it back and forth.

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