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How a Short Sleeve Knit Top Makes a Wardrobe

How a Short Sleeve Knit Top Makes a Wardrobe

When looking for just the right top to add to your wardrobe in order to make a lot of different outfits work with just one piece of clothing, you have to consider the classic short sleeve knit top. This top can expand your wardrobe in many ways.


The short sleeve knit top has so many possibilities. Because it has short sleeves, you have the ability to wear it all year round. You can wear it in the summer for a nice clean fresh look. Throw on your favorite shorts, and maybe some summer heels. The short sleeve knit top has just made an entire outfit that will look very flattering.


It is great for the spring because it is light enough for summer, but looks great with a light jacket if there is a breeze. It looks good with Capri pants or jeans and is very versatile. It is a great spring shirt because it makes any outfit look good with little planning or thought. It has all of the style with none of the fuss.

Winter or Fall?

In the fall and winter you can layer it with a nice jacket or duster to make your outfit stand out, and keep you warm outside and cool indoors. The layered look is very “in” right now as well, so wearing a lot of light layers is a great winter or autumn choice.

Why This Top?

The short sleeve knit top obviously has a lot stylish ways it can be worn. It can be dressy or casual depending on what you pair it with. It goes with just about anything and looks so good no matter the outfit. You can wear it with jeans, leggings, skirts or shorts, and it will make the outfit work. This one piece of clothing works year-round. It is such a cute choice too. There are simpler shirts that can create a similar effect, however without the same amount of style. This top is the chameleon of the wardrobe.

The Best Part

The best part of the short sleeve knit top is that you can get a few in different colors and change the look of any outfit in a just a few seconds. Alternatively, you can buy just one and still have a secret fashion weapon all year round. Getting them in different colors makes the ability to expand your wardrobe even easier. The choices are endless and you will always look your very best. These tops are so flattering with any outfit that you can just put it on with anything and go. It makes getting ready easier than ever before. This shirt is the holy grail of apparel.

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