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How a Social Security Attorney in Kent County Can Help

How a Social Security Attorney in Kent County Can Help

Applying for Social Security disability benefits should be a simple process. After all, people pay into Social Security to ensure that, if someone is rendered unable to work because of a disability, they will be able to rely on Social Security Disability Insurance payments. However, many people who should be entitled to disability benefits have their applications denied because they do not know the system. A Social Security Attorney in Kent County can help navigate the process and get benefits for disabled applicants.

Case Review

One of the first things a Social Security attorney can do is review a case. They are familiar with what type of disabilities qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). They can let people know if they qualify for benefits and whether they should file a Social Security claim.

Review an Application

Many people submit their SSDI claims with missing information. An attorney can review the application and ensure the application is complete. Attorneys can also review applications for common errors that create red flags and delay the process.

Help Procure Evidence

To obtain SSDI benefits, applicants have to be able to substantiate their medical claims. However, especially with long-term injuries, many people do not have all of their medical records consolidated. Also, applicants may not have been diagnosed or treated by the types of specialists needed to verify disability claims. An attorney can review medical records and help ensure an applicant has obtained all of the medical documentation necessary to support the disability claim.

Monitor the Application’s Progress

A Social Security Attorney in Kent County will also stay in contact with the Social Security Administration and monitor the progress of an application. If an application is denied, the attorney can file a timely appeal. Also, attorneys can represent clients at any required hearings. This is critical because many valid claims are initially denied and only approved after the applicant attends a hearing and defends the claim.

Find Out More

To find out more about how an attorney can help with SSDI claims, contact Bleakley Law Offices P C. They can answer general questions or schedule a consultation to review a specific case.

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