How Asphalt Roofing Services Complete A Roofing Installation

The roofing contractors start the process by removing all existing shingles. Next, they clean the entire surface to eliminate debris. They utilize waste management services to remove debris from the property. This gives them a clean roof substrate for their installation. The following steps explain how the installation process is completed by Asphalt Roofing Services.

Install the Underlayment and Flashing

The contractor positions the underlayment over the entire roof. Typically, they apply fifteen-pound waterproofing and secure it with staples. They may position tin caps underneath each staple to increase security and prevent the wind from moving the waterproofing. Next, they install the flashing on all outer edges of the roof. The flashing is nailed to the roof for better security.

Create Chalk Lines

They begin the chalk line at seven inches from the lower edge of the roof. The chalk line is extended all the way across the roof. The contractor continues to create chalk lines for at least four rows of the roofing installation.

Install the Starter Row

The contractor cuts the shingles by six inches. They position a glue strip on the edges. The contractor applies each shingle to the glue strip and nails them in place. They continue until the entire starter row is complete. Next, they place a second layer over this first row. Next, they apply asphalt cement. A caulking gun is used for this process to prevent excessive buildup of the cement. They repeat this process until they install six rows.

Stagger the Shingle Slots

The contractor cuts a tab off the first and second shingle rows. Then they cut off one-half of a tab from the third row. Next, they cut two tabs on the shingles in the fourth row. The final section is cut from the fifth row. This task creates a staggering pattern in the roofing design.

Professional roofing contractors complete the installation by following the same pattern. Finally, they install ridge shingles and the last row. They inspect their finish product to ensure a watertight seal that prevents probable property damage. Homeowners who need Asphalt Roofing Services visit

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