How Do You Want Your Jewelry Store to Treat You?

by | Dec 16, 2016 | Jewelry

Your favorite diamond store will treat you better than any other. Their experience and professionalism has helped them understand what their customers require, particularly within the standards of service expected. The difference is when your store understands you as an individual and not just as another customer.

Avoiding Poor Questions

You can easily notice average or poor diamond store sales employees, because they will make enquiries beginning with asking you whether you are looking for something special? Of course you are, that’s why you’re in their store.

The way you are dressed is no longer a clarification related to the size of your budget. Modern clothing dictates that expensive rags can be worn by anyone as the height of fashion.

Questions Must Help Guide You

Customers are easily annoyed when sales employees point to another area of the diamond store and expect you to begin the whole conversation about your choices again.

Where those employees give you a choice between one set of jewelry or another based upon their best guess, they will have initially prevented half of their sales stock from being shown to you.

People’s tastes are extremely individual. Just because you like something doesn’t mean that another person will. The customer may prefer small stones because it suits their dress and style and is not related to the price they are going to pay.

Employees that guess your ring size may believe they are being clever, but are showing that they take you for granted. It is in the best interest of the employee to suggest the slightly larger ring size, so this can move down to the correct size, rather than attempt to move in the opposite direction.

Treating the customer as an important individual will help both the store and the purchaser find the best conclusion, which will hopefully lead to a long existing relationship.

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