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How Does A Rosemount Magnetic Flow Meter Work?

How Does A Rosemount Magnetic Flow Meter Work?

All mag flow meters, which is the abbreviated and more common term for an electromagnetic flow meter, operate on the same general principle. As with any type of flow measurement system, different manufacturers offer a range of features that make one type of magnetic flow meter a better choice for different applications.

When it comes to general use across a wide range of applications, the Rosemount magnetic flow meter gets top marks. As with all Rosemount products, it is used around the world in different systems and applications, and it has a solid reputation for being highly accurate, dependable, and reliable.

The Mag Flow Meter in Action

Ideally used in situations and systems where there is a low pressure drop across the flow and when the media in the system is conductive. This means that a Rosemount magnetic flow meter cannot be used in systems with hydrocarbons, as found in the natural gas and petroleum industry, or in applications using distilled water. However, they are suitable for both high and low flow rates, which makes them extremely flexible across industries.

The Rosemount magnetic flow meter is able to record the flow of the conductive material in the media as it passes through a magnetic field that spans the pipe. The inline sensor records this movement as an induced voltage. The voltage reading by the sensor is then calculated and converted into a flow measurement, which is sent to the control system via the transmitter.

The benefit of using the magnetic flow meter is the signal recorded by the sensor is linear with the flow. Additionally, the use of Rosemount technology adds Smart Meter Verification, which constantly monitors and ensures that the sensor and the transmitter are providing accurate measurements, building in complete confidence in the system and alerting to any deviations from the standards.

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