How Family Marriage Counseling in New York City Can Help

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Healthcare

Most marriages reach a point where they experience significant difficulties. Marriage counseling can help you and your spouse get back on track and rekindle your love for each other. Hitting a rough patch in the road does not mean your marriage has to end. Family marriage counseling can be the resource to help you save your marriage and get you on the path to a healthy and thriving relationship.

Uncovering Each Other’s True Needs

When emotional needs are not met, marriages suffer. Most conflicts are the result of partners feeling unappreciated, invalidated, and unloved. In order to adequately address and repair your relationship, identifying and communicating each other’s true needs is essential. Counseling provides a safe space for you to be vulnerable and process your emotional needs.

Exploring how you and your partner were raised and the patterns each of you have picked up along the way will give you deeper insight into how you are now and how you act towards each other. Upon discovering each other’s true needs, you can begin to see each other in a more compassionate light. You can also gain greater awareness, which ultimately leads to healthier relationships.

Development of Effective Conflict Resolution Strategies

Most people learn how to handle conflict from their parents and families. This might be problematic if healthy relationships and effective conflict resolution were not practiced within the home. Family marriage counseling can help provide positive conflict resolution techniques. As you and your partner uncover your patterns of how you handle conflict and how you may inadvertently trigger each other, you can make more informed decisions. Effective conflict resolution strategies can help you utilize clearer communication and loving words with your spouse.

The use of techniques such as role playing will help enhance skills like empathy and compassion. You will have an opportunity to experience conversations from your spouse’s perspective. Role plays help you mindfully choose words and learn how to validate your partner in a way that they can receive and understand.

Rebuilding a Healthy Relationship

As you learn to uncover each other’s needs, increase positive communication and interactions, and develop more effective conflict resolution strategies, you will be on the path to building a healthier relationship. Increased awareness, communication, and compassion will transform your relationship from the inside out. You and your spouse will spark the love you have for each other and resolve underlying problems.

If you and your spouse are experiencing marital problems, family marriage counseling in New York City may be the solution for you. Working with a marriage counselor will help you discover your relationship’s inner strengths and improve on the weaknesses. Together, you, your spouse, and a counselor can get you back to love.

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