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How Frequently Should You Take Your Pet To The Veterinarian?

You have regular checkups with your doctor, is it necessary for you to follow suit with your pet? Yes, your dog or cat needs regular checkups as well to remain healthy but how frequently should they go to the vet?

The answer to this question depends to an extent on how old your pet is; are they still young or can they be considered seniors?

From birth up to one year:

When you first get a new pet they need to see Chicago veterinarians for vaccinations every three to four weeks for the first four months. Puppies will be vaccinated for rabies and distemper, they will also need to get shots to protect them from such things as the flue, Lyme disease and kennel cough.

Kittens on the other hand need to be tested for leukemia and immunodeficiency virus and receive vaccines to protect them from numerous diseases.

Once the initial round of vaccines has been given you should arrange to take your pet into the veterinarian clinic at about six months of age. If you have no plans to breed your pet, this is the time to have it spayed or neutered.

After one year:

Depending on the type of pet and the breed you should plan on taking your pet in for annual checkups. Chicago veterinarians will check your pet from nose to tail, take a blood sample and check for heartworm and give booster shots. Your vet will also want you to bring along a stool sample so the lab can check for any intestinal parasites.

Seniors, older than ten years:

As pets age, they need more care. Your vet will want to see your dog or cat every six months or so. At this time the vet will give the animal a thorough examination, test its blood and urine and any other tests that might be indicated as necessary.

Chicago veterinarians are on the front line of maintaining your pet’s health and wellness. You are invited to arrange an appointment with Metropolitan Veterinary Clinic for a check-up or an emergency.

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