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How Masonry in Philadelphia, PA Can Improve Your Home’s Value

How Masonry in Philadelphia, PA Can Improve Your Home’s Value

While in-home renovations are sure to increase the value of your home, nothing will pull a potential buyer in faster, or draw their attention quicker, than your home’s exterior. From your walkway to the construction of the house itself, a buyer will size up your property before he or she even sets foot inside. Ensuring that your lawn is well manicured and your garden is beautiful is a great start, but there are other things that can dramatically increase the look of your home. Here’s how masonry in Philadelphia, PA can improve your home’s value.

Instant Curb Appeal

One thing that deters many buyers is an uneven walkway. It sets a poor tone for the rest of the viewing, and in some cases, can prevent them from booking a viewing at all. Hiring masonry services to smooth out, or redo, your front walk is a great start to upping your home’s curb appeal. Fixing your front steps, or having them redone if they’re old and crumbling is another great way to generate more interest in your home.

Reside Your Home With Something Classier Than Vinyl

Brick and stone siding is making a huge resurgence. For a brief time, many buyers were attracted to vinyl siding. This time seems to have passed, with a growing number of buyers being attracted to brick and stone siding. It makes a home look beautiful, while also having the added benefit of being energy efficient.

Dress Up Your Backyard

Consider redoing your backyard patio with intricate stonework, or including a stone fireplace. Buyers love to envision themselves lounging or entertaining in beautifully done yards, and nothing adds more beauty than a beautiful patio. It adds extra incentive to a buyer, and if you opt not to sell, gives you something to enjoy for years to come. Visit Mara Restoration to know more information.

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