How Much Will My Settlement Be for My Medical Malpractice Case in Byron?

Doctors have a very hard job. We trust them with our lives when we go to them to help us with health problems. When the doctor fails to treat your condition properly or makes a mistake during treatment, Byron medical malpractice attorneys can help you get a settlement to compensate for the damages. However, how much money can you expect? Learn more about how the insurance companies determine the amount of your medical malpractice settlement in Byron.

Severity of Damages

One of the largest factors that will determine the amount of your medical malpractice settlement is the extent of the damages.

Cases are categorized as:

  • Minor cases
  • Short-term disabilities
  • Cases that require corrective measures
  • Severe case
  • Permanent injury

The more severe the damage, the greater the settlement.

Keep in mind that you’ll need proof that the doctor should be liable for the damages.

Personal Expenses

Your injury can come with a high expense to you, including medical bills, future medical bills, and lost wages.

A court will consider the economic impact the injury will have on you now and in the future to help determine a payout.

Non-Economic Damages

Your damages can include nonmentary elements. Byron medical malpractice attorneys will fight to prove the mental anguish, pain & suffering, and disfigurement you experienced as leverage during settlement negotiations.

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